Quantum Magick - Rediscovering the wheel

I decided to call this part Quantum Magick and not Chaos Magick because Chaos brings negative connotations to many people (including me). Although I like the philosophy and technique of Chaos Magick, I strongly disagree with the theoretical background stated by Mr. Carroll in his three books. Sorry Mr. Carroll, but I donít believe that the universe is a random idiotic chaos, I donít believe in Baphomet, I donít believe that a man has no soul, but I DO believe in ordered supreme-being-universe, I do believe in reincarnation and especially in Karma, I do believe in the goodness of the people, I do believe in good and evil and I am on the good side. Sorry, but I am too nice guy, I donít do Black Magick and all my servitors are Angels. Having that said (I feel much better now) we can move to the real stuff of Quantum/Chaos Magick.

A thing that I noticed in the Chaos Magick current, and which I donít like, is that people are rejecting the huge magickal tradition. I think this is wrong since then we are put in the position of "rediscovering the wheel," that is finding out the same things that people (magicians) knew thousands of years ago and developed them to high extent. I think this is a waste of time and resources which can be used for much better goals. I recently saw a quantum-oriented essay about the energy centers in the body and the effects of connecting them in different circuits. I must say that I enjoyed it very much, but still the author was stating it as novel, "just discovered" thing. Excuse me sir, but acupuncture has been arround for about 5,000 years, and the chakras (not only the 7 main ones) for about the same. And in those 5,000 years the teachings about them developed enormously and much beyond the scope of what a man can find out for himself in a single life-time. So wasnít it better to go to some library or bookstore and find out much more about the same thing in much shorter time. Please donít get me wrong. I donít mean that a magician should be a book-worm and spend his life reading. Reading is just a good starting point, and practical experience should confirm or reject the read material.

Some magicians also have a tendency to take old magick techniques, strip them of almost all symbolism and context, and use them in a "pure" form (I saw the Golden Dawn Tattwa astral projection technique raped like this). Even if we forget for a minute that some techniques will have absolutely no value if stripped form symbolism and context, the same magicians donít even bother to credit the system (or book) from which they took the techniques. I think this shows lack of respect for the original systems as well as for the reader since he is cut from the further sources of information. Some would say that in this way the reader is kept fromt the errors and inaccuracies (intentional, non-intentional or symbolic) of the original system. But if the reader cannot see those errors then maybe he is not ready yet for that level of learning and maybe he/she should do some more reading. By rejecting the old tradition and techniques we are underestimating the old Magicians. We laugh at their "misconceptions," their "backward" science and view of the world, their religious leanings, and boast with our advanced science and thought. Ego, ego, ego ... You see, Paracelsus was not a stupid man, neither was AbraMalin, nor Francis Barrett. There is a lot of worthless crap in their work, but arenít diamonds found in the deepest, dirtiest mud in South Africa? And the diamond are well worth a lifetime of digging in the mud.

Another thing that I donít like about some Chaotees is the lack of ultimate goal. When I asked on IOT member (3 grade) what is her goal in magick/life, she said to experience everything in the universe (Iíve been offered membership in IOT, but I refused for the reasons stated in the first paragraph). Hmmm, thatís nice, but what about enlightment? What about union with the universe, with the supreme? What about "all in one, and one in all"? If your goals in life are of the sort of "fucking Bootsy Collins" (to use a phrase from the wonderful essay by FireClown) thatís ok with me, but you are using a very small portion of what Magick coud give. Magick is just another tool for accelerated evolution, like Yoga, Taoism, Zen, etc. Some would say "I donít care about evolution, I just want to get results here and now." Thatís a good position, but can you spend your whole life "getting results here and now"? Will you be satisfied with such life? Wouldnít your soul long for something higher, something permanent? Ask yourself that.

Ok, thank you for reading to the end, and I am stepping down from my soap box now. Here, take it, and use it well.